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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

It is misting outside and it is a little cool in the house. I have been on swap bot since 7 am this morning. I needed to catch up on group stuff and check in with some groups. I also posted several RAK's. Which I haven't done in a long time. I also made a Mother's Day Card swap for my group Crazy for Color. Not sure if anyone will join but it is there if they want to. I have several packages going out tomorrow. I finally got done with a private question journal and let me tell you I think it was the hardest one ever for me to do. I doubt I will ever do another one of them!! I also joined the April stash swap. I filled a big envie up with good stuff. At least to me it was all good. Just stuff I wasn't going to use ever. I do hope my partner will enjoy getting it.

Yesterday I took Aaron and Trevor to Oklahoma City. They wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop. We had a good time. But I couldn't get Aaron to buy much. He ended up with a knife and some fishing stuff. Not nearly what I had planned on spending on him. As I had taken Trevor last week and spent nearly $100.00 on him alone. He wanted a new fishing pool and fishing gear. Then yesterday I ended up spending more money on Trevor. He knows how to work his moma that is for sure.
We had a great time over all.

Today I am going to Clinton to spend the evening with Mr. C. He wanted me to come yesterday and I didn't. So I may stay till Tuesday morning. It really is relaxing up there with him.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!!!