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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Birthday Week!!

          Happy Birthday Week To Me!!

My goodness I have my 46th birthday coming up May 9th!! So am celebrating all week long! 

Yesterday Leona and I went to Oklahoma City and ate at the Olive Garden and did some shopping.  First place we HAD to go was the health food market.  Wanted to pick up some goodies for my partner Denine.  Plus I picked up more items for me including sea salt popcorn and a chilies & cherries in dark chocolate candy bar.  It looks yummy!  I tried coconut water and it wasn't something I even liked.  The chunks of coconut mixed into the water just isn't my think.  It got poured down the sink after about three sips. 

Am thinking Tuesday my three sons will take me to eat supper to celebrate my birthday.  Thursday Mr. C. comes home and we will have dinner and a few cocktails.  So I am looking at a fun filled week. 

Both of my parents passed on in their early 60's.  Which means I need to treasure each year I grown older.  I look at it as a blessing to be here with my wonderful family and friends. Am loving my life!!!