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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inspiration from family

If your like me every now and then you get into a fashion funk.  While on vacation I watched my sister in law rock some beautiful summer dresses.  I normally  wear my capri's and blouses.  So I bit the bullet and bought three summer dresses.  So thank you Dana for showing me the newest trend here in Oklahoma.  Dana and my brother Thomas has 5 children between them fulltime.  Thomas works out of state so he is gone every other week. Which leaves Dana to be with the family fulltime.  She seems to handle it all well including the ex wife.  Am proud to call her my sister in law!

My brother Stacy inspires me to be a better person.  He works full time and is on top of everything.  He cooks every night after he gets home from his job.  I do not do much cooking.  Mr. C loves to cook so I get lazy and assume he will the week he is home.  The week he is gone we eat sandwiches and such.  After visiting with Stacy and his partner and kiddo's I went home and cooked! Thank you Stacy for inspring me to be a better person at  home.

I miss my mom who inspired me to be a good consumer. She taught me the importance of the dollar.  She was a single mom and worked full time.  She knew how to stretch the dollar.  Am so glad she taught me how to stretch the dollar.

Thanks to many more family members for inspiring me as well.