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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday is here!

I am glad today is Friday! I enrolled Trevor into Rush Springs High School today. He had been attending Bray Schools all his life. This will be a major adjustment for us! He is only about a 1 1/2 miles from our house instead of 25 minutes away. Am hoping he will like it..if not he will go back to Bray. Tonight I am going to Lawton to pay bills and buy groceries. If we didn't have to eat we would have lots of extra money. Have been working on grocery list for 2 days now. I have been trying to cook more often. Last week when Mr. C. was home we only ate out 3 times woo hoo!! This week while he is gone I am going to try to have dinner cooked at least 3 times. Am thinking Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. Mr. C. gets home Thursday and I always have dinner waiting on him when he gets home at 9 pm. He won't stop on the 4 hour drive home to eat anything. When I take that drive I usually stop at least 2 times for food or restroom breaks. His derrick man and him are just ready to get home. Mr. C. went to his yearly check up and so far everything came back normal. He had told me Tuesday morning his heart was hurting and of course I told Dr. Maury that and they ran a EKG on him and it was normal. Sure made me feel so much better. Back when he was having bad health it scared me to death. I have never loved someone as much as I love him. He is the world to me. (Not counting my wonderful sons). This man has been so wonderful to me and I am truly blessed. Wishing I was back in Kemah Texas right about now where I can feel the water on my face! I am thinking I would go every month if I could afford it and stay 3 or 4 days each time. Maybe just maybe I belong near the Gulf of Mexico...