Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oklahoma State Fair

I left my house around 7am and headed toward Ok City to pick up my brother Stacy and niece Kaylee. We are headed toward the Ok State Fair. First stop to pick up our tickets. The lady tried short changing me she gave back $2.00 instead of $11.00. The tickets were $9.00. I caught it and it was as if I pissed her off..Really? I shake that off because that's not how I want to start my day off at the fair! We get into the fair and Kaylee is hungry! Yea I am smelling yummy scents of food. Kaylee gets a pulled pork sandwich it looks good. I choose a hot dog that tasted sooo good. Chatting with strangers we all polled and said the food was the main reason to come to the fair!
Kaylee and me!
Stacy and Kaylee We walked thru several buildings. My favorite was the one that showcased Oklahoma food. Especially the wine section. I tasted many flavors and bought a bottle of Peachy P fromthe StableRidge Winery located at Stroud Oklahoma. I am a white wine kind of gal with lots of sweetness. This wine was awesome! So at another wine both I found this Icy wine. I tried the Tropical Delight and it was sweet and icy..They make al product that you had a bottle of wine and 5 cups of water and put in a freezer container and 6 hours later you have icy wine. I bought several bottles of this. As I want to send a bottle to Denine over at The Bicycle Chef. Am thinking her and Liz will enjoy this as much as I am going to! I also want to send her something else Oklahoma made. We got to know each other thru a foodie pen pal swap we did. She was the first one I had ever sent to and thought it had to be healthy food. Not realizing I could send Okla productswhich she would have enjoyed. We have remained in touch by emails as well as snail mail. Back to the fair...found several samples and goodies to take home. Some favorites was keychains, tote bags (I'm a bag lady) love bags of all kinds! Yes I do use them daily! OG&E gave away tree's ready to plant! Stacy signed up for a heart scan. It's only $27.00 and with both our parents having congested heart disease he wanted to do this for peace of mind. NOT ME!! I'm not ready to know any issues concernig my heart. Do you see the Ostrich with its head in the sand? That would be me! We are tired from walking and looking so we head to the car..Oh my goodness it's up a hill and along ways off. My hip is killing me and then I think if only I dropped alot of weight and got in shape outings like this would be so much easier on me! Overall the day at the fair was a success! Miss Kaylee who is 11 years old was asleep before we got out of the parking lot!

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