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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Decluttering craftroom!

I have let my craftroom become a dumping ground for everything! So last night I worked on it for 2 long hot hours. Ended up with eight boxes to take to goodwill!! Was extremely pleased with what I got accomplished. Is the room clean? Nope but looks so much better than it has in a long time. Around lunch Aaron came home and needed to go to Wal~Mart in Chickasha, Ok. for supplies for a school project. He is a senior this year. You would never believe what he picked up to do his project! LEGO'S yep he is making a steam engine with legos. I hadn't bought legos in years. Brought back some bittersweet memories of the boys when they were young! Trevor hates school at Rush Springs, Okla. Hopefully he can get back into Bray schools this week. I was so afraid of this happening but still did what he wanted. Tonight plan on cleaning out my closet! It so needs some decluttering. Would love to get rid of clothes and miscellanous items. Trevor has football game tonight so I have plenty of time before his game starts. Guess I had better get off here...later