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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trevor's Birthday

Today Trevor turned 15 years old. Amazing how time has flew by. He is my baby boy and he is growing up way too fasr for me. For his main gift I am paying $150.00 for his driver's education. I also will buy him two pair of jeans from Hollister and a pair of Nikes. He doesn't want a celebration. So will just get him what he wants without a family celebration. If I tried to do a birthday party it would make him so mad at me. So it's much better this way. Trevor is a freshman this year and deceided to change schools. Tried to talk him out of it. But this school at Rush Springs has shooting competions. Trevor loves to hunt and fish and camp and ride his dirt bike and four wheelers. So am glad he is getting to do the shooting as a extra at school.