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Sunday, April 6, 2014

4 things

4 Things I haven't done this list in a long time! So am going to try to remember to do this more often! My 4 things for the week will be: * Clean out my car * Take a box of stuff to Goodwill! * Go thru my closets and get rid of at least 10 items I don't wear anymore * Work in two journals at least 2 hours each! These are all easy goals for me. I am ashamed to say my car looks like a tornado hit it! It's to new to be letting it look so crappy! I have a huge box in my craft room that is full of stuff that I have been collecting to take to goodwill. It is time to get the box out of the house. If I am going to Goodwill then I need to go ahead and get rid of some clothes I am not ever going to wear and is just taking up space. I am currently working on 2 journals and fixing to do a mini random journal as well. I have gotten behind on both of the journals. It is time for me to get caught up on them. In all honesty my life is pretty much boring so that shouldn't take long to write about. I really enjoy doing the journals for swap bot! This is my list for the week! I will let you know if I did get all accomplished or not by next week!