Friday, April 4, 2014


Well heck I am not sure how I got behind but I have two journals that I have to send out on Monday! Oh my goodness you know what I will be doing this weekend. Not sure why I got behind but I hate it when a deadline races up on me like the speed of lightening. I love doing journals and hope the
receiver enjoys the journal I did for them


  I am not very creative but do give it a whirl. This is about as artistic as this country girl gets. I am starting to love washi tape! It sure makes a journal page pop. Over this weekend I am going to try to find some unique washi tape. There is a store in Oklahoma City that is called Market Basket that sells Hobby Lobby's outdated merchandise as well as samples. I bet they have lots of cool washi tape waiting on me to buy! I also love buying stickers from there as they are super reasonable! Everyone have a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed that I find some great deals to jazz up my journals!

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