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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


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Last night Mildred and Tammie and I went couponing!  We hadn't been in several weeks  so it was time to go get some supplies.
Our first stop was at Family Dollar.  We had the coupon $5 off of $25.  Which means total had to be $25 after coupons.  I spent $24.73 and saved $20.52 using coupons.  Then we went to Walgreens and my total was $81.29 and I actual only spent $37.69.  Which really was a awesome deal.  I had a coupon where I had to spend $30.00 before coupons and got 5000 points (which is like $5.00)!  Last on out trip was Homeland grocery. I just needed a few items. I was out of pocket $25.38 would have been $53.43.  Over all I was happy with my savings.

Couponing is really a good thing.  Yes it takes time and some research but a 50% savings or more is great!  If you have any questions please ask!!

Image result for couponing images