Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years resolutions

Jessica Logan and Blake

Happy New Year! 
I've decided that I'm really not going to work on New Year resolutions this year.  Some things I plan on focusing on will be for me to be a better person. To love my family and to be a better partner, mother, sister, aunt, and great aunt and friend.

A few things I hope to accomplish is more handwritten letters to family members. 

Don't text and drive.. 

Work on getting organized

Save money for a vacation 

Keep things simple

Stay far away from drama

Live love and laugh

Find a new hobby

Did you notice I didn't put anything about losing weight, or eating better or no drinks..  Only because
what is the point in listing them when I know I should be watching what I eat and drink.  
What kind of New Years resolutions do you think is important to you? 

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