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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Showers

Today we have been in a Tornado watch all day.  I have been biting my nails all day.  Hope the storm bypasses us.

So here I am it's been forever since I have made a blog post.  I have missed talking to ya'll.  I have been busy with real life.  Working two jobs from 9 or 10 am till 9 pm.   My regular job at the flower shop and then in evenings I am sitting with Ms. Shirley.  I do a little housework and such.  It has made my life much easier with the extra money coming in.

I am way behind on letters.  So am trying to get caught back up.  My mail pile is about to topple over.  It's almost to the point of making me feel overwhelmed.  I am glad most of my pen pals are so understanding.  I want to get back to making cute envelopes as well.

I am starting two journal swaps.  One is for a month and the other is for 2 months or so.  The longer journal swap is with someone I consider my friend.  We have been exchanging journals for several years now.. It has been fun to watch her girls grow up.  Working in the journals is my creative outlet.

I am going to try to get back to blogging more often.  I have missed my blog.