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Monday, May 9, 2016

49th Birthday!

I can't believe today is my birthday! Where does time do? Why do I have all this gray hair along with body aches and pains? I don't remember any one telling me that life only got harder each year... Trust and believe I am feeling each and every year creep up on me.  Looking back I wish I hadn't let myself I am overweight and out of shape.  I couldn't run very far if my life depended on it. Exercise is a option but doesn't that require you getting off the sofa and be pro active?  I am not happy with who I am but hopefully I will start doing some self awareness and get out of this funk I am in.  I enjoy walking the track but have no one who wants to go with me.  So therefor I do not venture into town to the school!s track.  I'd feel better if I pulled some weight off...I need to make a plan and work on it everyday.