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Monday, May 23, 2016

Going on a cruise!

Only 106 days till my next cruise! I am super excited.  Will leave out of Galveston Sept 5 th and return Sat 10th.  Will be returning to Cozumel and Progreso.  Yes I am anxious for it to be here.  I am not quite ready but getting close.

So far I have paid port parking
Made reservations at hotel for night before.
Put some money on my account on cruise ship.
Bought a huge piece of luggage.
Been buying a few clothes for trip. ( I also will utilize my SIL's closet)
Have my cruise folder ready with my Birth Certificate in it.

Things I still need to do!!

Change oil in car
Get with My cruise roomie and give her booking number and details to hotel.  (She is driving in from Alabama)
Finish making payments for trip
Buy a new book, pair of sunglasses, blingy flip flops, pair of high heels.

So I was dreaming Mr.C would go with me but he shot that ideal down.  At first my feelings was hurt but then I got over it.  In all honesty he would have hated every second of it.  Going with someone who loves cruising will be a blast.  In fact she is at plantium level.  So I will be getting her free perks as well. Win win situation.

Oh and guess what?  My long friend and her husband is going on this cruise and several couples that they know.  Looking forward to this cruise.