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Monday, February 27, 2017

Feeling blah

Turtle, Julie and me! 
This was taken on Carnival Liberty October 2016.

I'm having a rough day today.  I feel like I need several days off or I am going to explode.  Really no reason to feel like this but today it's been heavy on my shoulders. Does your body give you signs when it's time for a break? I think mine is trying to tell me that it's needing a short vacation.
I thought my travel folder was finished from last years cruise. Well I dug it out and yikes I was wrong. So brought it to work this morning and got it fixed up.   I thought I had wrote more daily entries but only had Monday and Tuesday entries. I put in the fun times for each day.  I add port postcards, pictures taken on the ship and random tid bits.  Am really proud that I finished it up today.

So I started a new travel folder for this October cruise.  Just hopefully I will add more daily entries.  I think I should write my entries when I go for brunch every morning. Evenings are way to busy to even think about writing.

Does anyone else make travel journals?  Wish I had been making these thru the years.