Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Couponing at DG

My $29.00 haul.

I bought 22 items shown here for a total of $29.00.  I was very happy with my savings.  Everything that was bought is something we use.  Gone are the days of buying some random item for cheap and never using it.  Which is how I started doing when I first used coupons. 
My secret is I am in several groups on Facebook.  I follow extreme couponing with Greg the Dude.  I always factor in more money for the total.  As I’ve discovered Oklahoma prices and taxes are usually higher than where he is located.  I have only been using digital coupons.  I also have not have one account.  I must admit sometimes I wish I had more accounts but I just want to follow the rules. 
My little stock pile is down to nothing.  So my goal is to build it back up slowly with the least amount of cash.  I need to really pay more attention to sales and coupons. 
On this trip alone I saved $46.00.  Probably one of my best coupon trips to date. 

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