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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend getaway

Thursday Trevor and I went with my friend Kenna and her granddaughter to Norman Okla to a quilt show. We had a great time looking and buying new patterns and material. Trevor tried not to enjoy himself but I could see him taking a real interest in the quilts. We then went to a couple of quilt stores and bought more material. The kids was wanting to eat ..can you imagine that? So we stopped shopping long enough to take them to Chili's for a late lunch.

Friday evening I took Trevor to Ardmore. We got a hotel room with a pool so he could swim and have a good time.

Saturday we did a little shopping then we went to the movies and seen Despicable Me and then we went to Applebee's to eat a late dinner.

Sunday I let him sleep in since we had stayed up till after 2am. Then we got up and I took him shopping for some school clothes. We ended up getting him 3 jeans and 4 shirts. I also bought Aaron 3 shirts and a pair of jeans. I also bought Mr. C 2 shirts. So I felt like today was productive shopping.
I was tired when we finally got home tonight! It was nice to get away and just do nothing. No housework, nobody dropping by to check on us. Nice to relax and reflect and of course shop!
Aaron did not want to go with us so he stayed with his cousin Coby. I tried to get him to go but this really wasn't his cup of tea.