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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cleaning Frenzy

I thought I would clean my house today. It won't take that long to get it done but I usually put off cleaning till Thursday right before Mr. C. gets home from La. This week is going to be super busy getting ready for Laci's wedding on Saturday. We have got most everything done but we still have odds and ends to finish. Laci is Tammy's daughter (my friend who owns a flower shop in Marlow). Anyhow I thought that by doing all I can today would ease my mind if I help Thursday at the flower shop. I also at some point either today or tomorrow need to cook and freeze a couple of meals for the week Mr. C is home. I have never done that sort of thing before but it sure is handy. Have found out I don't mind cooking 2 main dishes at once and freezing one of them for later. The whole cleanup is easier or so it seems. I also like the fact if we are busy I can take something out of the freezer and pop in oven and we have a good meal in a few minutes. Now I must find some healthy good meals to cook. We are going to get back on a healthier diet.

Here is Jake. Jake is my step mom's big ole baby. We have had him for years and he is a sweetie. He can be protective of the family at times. If Jake don't know you he won't let you in the house. Which is good for my step mom!

I have a couple of swaps on the table I need to put together at some point today. I have 3 tea swaps that I need to get ready to send. I also have a penpal letter and some happy mail to send out Monday morning. Made my happy mail out of a calendar I bought for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree just for this swap. The main requirement was it had to be a decorated envie. So I used a colorful page and added a few bird stickers on the envelope. Thought they turned out cute and colorful.