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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trevor's Surgery

The pj's they put Trevor in were so cute...but not something he would ever wear. I so had to get some photos of him in them.

Trevor's foot surgery went so good. It only took a hour for the actual surgery and I was very glad to see Dr. Lewis at 8:30 am. We didn't leave the hospital till after 1pm. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. They made Trevor's first surgery a wonderful experience for us. I just wish that I had some moral support during the surgery. It is times like this that makes me miss my mom and grandma VERY much.

It sure was good to get home today. Both of us was so exhausted that we took a long nap. We had gone to bed at midnight Monday night and got up before 5am to get to the hospital. Not much sleep for either one of us. Am so glad we got a hotel room. Kinda wish that we had gotten a room for both nights. The only draw back is we use a local pharmist in Marlow Ok and Trevor needed his pain medications.

We will probably go to bed early tonight also. Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog. Till next time...