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Monday, February 13, 2012

motivation needed!

I so want be creative! I have several sewing  projects in mind for this year.  I so want to learn how to make e reader holders and make up bags  and mug rugs.  I have taught my self how to use a sewing machine and every day its a learning process.  I know need to   learn how to put in zippers. I don't think they are hard but I have no ideal how to do zippers.

I have wrote 3 pen~pal letters this week, plus a letter to my brother Lonnie. So that means that I am good to go on the 52 weeks of mail project I am tring to do. 

I think the more I try to save miney the faster it goes! I am just glad I have been tracking my   money so I have a very clear picture of how it is slipping thru my fingers. I tend to take the approach of hiding my head in the sand. That usually backfires on me. 

Need to get the boys Valentine items bougt and ready to send to school. I will take Blake's to his house. He gets home from work that night. I need to add some summer sausage and crackers to his basket. Right now it is mainly chocolate and he isn't a big candy eater. On the other hand the other two boys does like candy and chocolate.