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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sickness in the house

Mr C has phenomia and has been home for 10 days.  I think he is getting worse instead of better.  He goes back to Doctor tomorrow and hopefully get more meds to take.  I have had a head cold all week.  It hasn't been alot of fun at our house.

I am going to help out my cousin Sherrie with her daughter's wedding and showers.  I think we will have lots of fun pulling everything together.  We have tulle and will make lots of big bows and that always goes along way with decorations.  It also helps that she is having the wedding at a cute venue that is already decorated really cute. 
I found these images at
When I use photos from internet I am trying very hard to make sure the credit gets to where it belongs.  So it looks like my crafts will be designing a wedding and a shower the next several months. I ordered several cool things from a cool website.
I can't wait for the items to get here so I can go thru them. 

Recieved a art journal in the mail to work on and I will tell you I have enjoyed it this round.  I hope Melissa will be happy with what I have done.  I need to finish up about 5 pages and I will send it home to her.  I did it alot different than the last art journal I worked in for her.  She is going to be really surprised.

I have joined a swap where I am making a slow cooker recipe book using 50 recipes.  I am thinking that I may want to make 2 of them so I can keep one for myself.  Yes I know I will get one from my partner but what if I forget where I found these recipes I used? I plan on cutting out photos of food and decorating the pages some also.  Give it a scrapbook feeling. 

I have 4 letters to send out toward my 52 letters for this year goal.  I haven't done as well as I thought I would.  But as I was saying the last 3 weeks or so we haven't been feeling very well.  I had the virus the week before Valentines Day.  Then I worked alot Valentines week.  Which meant I just didn't feel up to the challenge to write any letters.

The Budget is shot right out of the window.  I had to get a root canal and crown and let me tell you that was wxpensive.  I will say that I am glad that I had been frugal or I would be hurting financially right now.  Plus Mr C lost 3 days at his job which cost us close to $1500.00.  So we will be watching our money real close the next several paydays.  I need to get back on track and enter my expenses on my G~slate tablet.  Seems to work better for me than writing down in a book.  As I do carry my tablet everywhere with me. 

My computer is still down and I so want to post some new photos I have taken lately.  Will do that as soon as I get a chance to call Hughes Net and get them out to the house.  I think it is in our lines not the computer itself.  I already had the computer at Dr and he said it was okay had many virus on it.

Have a great and wonderful week!!!