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Monday, February 13, 2012

I have been busy at the flower shop getting ready for Valentines Day. In all the rush I didn't take any photos of the gift baskets I have made. They go really fast. Today we will be taking orders and working on our dozen roses and fresh arrangements.

I haven't been balancing my checkbook, so that didn't work out so well for me. My excuse is last week I was at dentist 2 different days and ended up getting a root canal. The week before I was sick all week with a virus. So after this week I am going to take all receipts I have and get them entered and get back on track. Am glad I was frugal last month because the expense of the two dentist.  This month I haven't been frugal at all. I am going to get back on track right his minute.
I have to stop here and say how sad I am about Whitney Houston passing away.  I do believe she was a great singer.
On happier news was glad to see Adele get the awards last nigh at the Grammy's! You go girl! I for one will be lined up to buy her next album. Her songs are so real, however she learned about love and heartbreak it sure made her a huge winner!!
Last night it snowed here in Oklahoma. Bray schools are opening up late 2 hours. We didn't get the ice but our school is way out in the country with lots of dirt roads and such. Am just glad that they are concerned about our childrens safety.
I can't wait to get busy and do some crafts. I am so ready to be doing a few crafts.