Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prom Season

I Love being at the flower shop during prom season.  We rent and sell prom dresses. Then we rent Tuxedos for the guys. Of course we also make the wristlets and boutonniere's.  So we are all running around crazy.

King's Red Rose Boutonniere    

Prom Dresses

Here's a few of my favorite prom dresses.  I love seeing the girls who find the perfect dress her whole face lights up. 

Short Dresses  Ball Gowns

Real life issues

Tonight Mr. C comes home from his week of being at work.  I am so excited that it is here. Trevor my baby boy (well okay he is 13 years old but still my baby) has pus pockets on his throat.  Of course I had to work today so I couldn't take him to Dr.  Hopefully I can get him in tomorrow and get it under control before it gets much worse.

Am on a decluttering kick. It is going well for me as I tend to put everything off till I can't stand it anymore. Poor Trevor won't have much left in his bedroom when I get done with it.  I should take pictures before and after but don't want to embarrass myself. Getting the room cleaned will be a huge burden off my shoulders.

Well I had better get off here and get busy! Have a great and wonderful day!!!!

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