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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Me!

I have been busy decluttering. I started in our bedroom and still have quite a bit left in there to do. So far I have two bags for goodwill and one huge trash bag of trash. I also have went thoru old piles of mail in the craft room. I threw away old letters from pen pals that is no longer writing. I must get a better way to organize pen pal letters. Anyone want to share with me how you keep up?
I am still sending out at least one letter to family a week. Have found that it is getting harder to do as the weeks go by.
Bought a new book to read for this week. It is called Chicks with Sticks (Knitwise) by Elizabeth Lenhard. It is more of a young adult book but thought it could be interesting since it was about knitting. I must i sert here I can't knit a stich but enjoy reading books about knitting. You can visit Elizabeth on the web
Aaron my middle son who is 16 is trying to send me to the poor house. He just received his secong ticket. This one for riding his four~wheeler on the roadway. First off he knows better. Second he tried to run from officer. Third he was with a friend who I have told him not to hang out with. Yes boyswill be boys...I told him he had better figure out how he was going to get $200.00 for the ticket. He had $60.00 on him. Blake (my oldest son) told me he would pay it IF Aaron would do some work for him. So maybe Aaron will do what Blake has in mind. If not you all know I will pay the ticket. ( Just want Aaron to be more responsible)
Well I am going to close here. Just wanted to give a update on my world.