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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recap of the weekend

I had a great fullfilled weekend.  Friday night I sat at home and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  I took time to work on my homemaker journals.  Yes I am now currently working on 3 for swaps. Each one is different.  I am almost done with the compostion book one.  Started filling in the pages on the 3 ring binder one, and working on the cover of the last one. I have enjoyed finding different tips and articles to include in them. So that was a productive night for me.
Saturday I went to the flower shop for several hours.  Then I go to my Aunt Connie's for a family reunion.  I had a very good time and enjoyed being with my family.  My cousin's Sherrie and Michelle and I ran to Lawton Okla to Hobby Lobby and got wedding flowers and such for Julie's wedding May 12.  We have to get busy and get them done.  At 6 pm I run by my friend Angie's house to visit for a few minutes as I haven't seen her in forever.  Then home sweet home bound.  I watched tv and worked on journals. 
Sunday I got up and worked on house some. Then about 10:30am I leave to go pick up Leona and head toward Dallas Texas.  Trevor had gone to Aut Stacey's for the weekend and it was time to pick him up.  I took several pictures of the kiddo's and had a great visit with them.  I sure have missed them since they have moved to Texas.
Today I am at flower shop and it has been very busy!  So what did everyone do with their weekend? I would love to hear how everyone spent theirs!

Have a great day!!