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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Reunion

Every October we have a family reunion at Ardmore Oklahoma.  This is my boys family on their deceased dad's side.  I have been going many years but I must say this year was very enjoyable.  Aaron and I got oer their about 11:30 am and started visiting. Tevor rode over with Uncle Eddie and Aiden and Mallory.  They arrived about noonish.  I love hering stories about their Grandpa Tony and their Dad Mark.  I had forgot about Mark being a professional on laying floating floors and the company sending him all over the USA to lay these floors.  I have made my boys go to these functions as I do think it is important to maintain ties with their extended family.  Blake had to work as he has had to do the last several years. He is beginning to think we have the date rigged so he misses out on this celebration.  Silly goose...When I get my computer up and going I plan on posting a few photos. 

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it seems like my life has been chaotic.  Especially with Luther being so sick and have several different operations since August. I hope I am back on track for awhile.  I have also gotten way behind on my pen pal letters as well.  I need to start carving out some time to try to get caught up on my personal correspondence.

I love getting happy mail and in order to receive it I must send it as well!