Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas shopping

Oh my goodness I am already tired of shopping..who would have ever thought that? I still need to buy Trevor's big gift which is a 12 gauge pump rifle. I am not sure how many guns    
he needs. But according to him he needs one for small game, one for deer and one for target practice and etc.  I do believe that my boys came out of the womb knowing guns. Their late dad was all into guns but heck Trevor was 3 when he passed.. Trevor has more knowledge on guns than me. I was never big on guns so am having to learn just to keep up with the boys. That is almost brain overload for me!  This year he isn't getting his gun early like last year. That little snot told everyone he didn't get anything for Christmas. He is my ornery son!
Today am decorating my living room and making chocolate rum balls and just maybe another pumpkin roll. Tonight am having lasagne, salad and garlic bread. Sounds like a great hot meal for this cool day. Mr. C. has had class for work the last 2 days. That sure cuts into his week off. Today is first aid and such. I kinda wish that I could have taken that class as well. Maybe I can see if our local hospital or Red Cross is offering any clases like that. I have taken a couple of cpr classes but that has been a zillion years ago. Times has changed and that would be knowledge that just might come in handy.
Blake's dog Duke ran away this past week and I was heartbroken when I found out last night. I had bought my grandpup Christmas gifts! Anyways Blake went and bought a new pit last night. It hasn't been named yet...

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