Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyones Christmas was awesome. We had a white Christmas and stayed nice and toasty indoors all day. The roads were icy and dangerous so staying home was a no brainer for us.

Trevor my youngest son got his 12 gauge pump gun and loved it!  Bought him several boxes of shells for target practice.  Am considering buying my self a 12 gauge pump as well.  Would make a nice gun for home protection when Mr. C. is gone to work. Although I think my pink semi~automatic should handle that job fairly well.  Am so glad I finally got my concealed to carry class out of the way. Not that I would ever carry it open. To me that is just crazy. I have it for my 4 hour road trip (one way) to go see Mr. C. when he is working in Texas.  Me having this gun scares him very much..as he just doesn't like having guns around.

I am so behind on letter writing. I haven't wrote any pen pal letters in two long weeks. Which means no cool letters in my mailbox for me to read. Thank goodness for Christmas cards or I would have had sad mail days.

Guess I will close for now.  Good night everyone!!


  1. Thnaks for sharing your Christmas with all of us Karen! I am in the same boat with my letter writing but figure 2013 is a new year and a time to get back on track! Happy New Year!

  2. I think all the boys were happy with their gifts. My oldest son wanted Cinch jeans, got him 3 pair, another pair of jeans, lots of ammo, anew comforter and sheets. Aaron my middle son wanted stereo stuff for his truck, lots of ammo, shirts and jeans. Bought all 3 ammo boxes, gun cleaner kits, ammo, sleep bottoms and thermals. We gave his daughter money, a chi flat iron, jewelry box, jewelry stand. Brody we got him xbox 360 system, games, cologne, dvd's and money. Every year I say I am going to shop earlier and never do. Am going to work on that this year. I got ammo box, 2 boxes of 380 bullets, a nice outfit, pink pepper spray, a cool cross for my bedroom, Mr. C. Will buy me new tires come April or so. He also gave me money, and a standing mirror from Mathis Brothers furniture store. My youngest son got me a box of kcups. Blake and Aaron told me to go get what I wanted and they would pay for it. I haven't figured out what I want from them yet. We tried hard to spend the same amount on each child. My boys would have been okay with ammo and hunting stuff, they are so easy!