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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyones Christmas was awesome. We had a white Christmas and stayed nice and toasty indoors all day. The roads were icy and dangerous so staying home was a no brainer for us.

Trevor my youngest son got his 12 gauge pump gun and loved it!  Bought him several boxes of shells for target practice.  Am considering buying my self a 12 gauge pump as well.  Would make a nice gun for home protection when Mr. C. is gone to work. Although I think my pink semi~automatic should handle that job fairly well.  Am so glad I finally got my concealed to carry class out of the way. Not that I would ever carry it open. To me that is just crazy. I have it for my 4 hour road trip (one way) to go see Mr. C. when he is working in Texas.  Me having this gun scares him very he just doesn't like having guns around.

I am so behind on letter writing. I haven't wrote any pen pal letters in two long weeks. Which means no cool letters in my mailbox for me to read. Thank goodness for Christmas cards or I would have had sad mail days.

Guess I will close for now.  Good night everyone!!