Sunday, January 6, 2013

crafty day!

I wanted to do something different today  ...not the usual watch football or movies.  I had bought some tiles at Home depot and decided to try making some tile coasters.  The first set I used  scrapbook paper and they turned out cute. Then I used some paint chips I had picked  up and they are okay but the corners lifted up. Then I used Christmas paper and they didn't turn out so well.

Then I made 5 different bracelets. I never make jewelry but found a brochure at Joann's and it looked super easy. They turned out really cute! Yea for me!
I had a fun day doing crafts. What new projects do you want to try or are currently working on?  I want to break out my sewing machine and get busy making a easy quilt or even totes.  Well that's all I know for now..


  1. Hi Karen, So fun you are from Oklahoma. We are missionaries in Ukraine, but we moved from OKC.
    I'm here from Swap-bot blog swap. I love blog swaps. I'm following you now. Hope you'll follow on mine too even tho' I may not be your partner.

    PS~Keep up the crafting, practice really does make a difference.

  2. Karen, seems my first comment disappeared. Following you now. Hope you follow on mine too. I"m from Swap-bot (coleenfranks).
    Cool you are from Okla. We are missionaries in Ukraine now, but from OKC.

    Blessings and Happy New Year.

  3. Hi Karen!!
    Your blog here seems so cool! You had a busy day on this post - I love days like this, digging up all the crafty supplies and wondering what to make. The tile coasters are a very cool idea - I'd like to make some with maps of places I'd visited. They'd be a cool present for my boyfriend don't you think!
    I'm working on a crochet necklace at the moment - check it out at my blog in the next few days :)
    Tara (s-b, sewgorgeous)

  4. I just recently decorated tiles - I stamped them using StazOn ink, then put them in the oven for a few minutes to cure. I attached small round piece of cork to the bottom corners, and now I have a set of coasters. I like Tara's idea of using maps. It's always so much fun to be able to craft. Suzi (s-b SuziLB)

  5. At the moment my latest craft passion is making hand made journals.
    Blogging into 2013 swap

  6. Jude I would love to learn how to hand make journals...maybe one of these days!
    Suzi I was wondering what to put underneath the tiles! Cork sounds like a good ideal.
    Tara thanks for the great comments..I didn't even think about using maps on the tiles. I still have plenty of tiles to use up.
    Coleen I actually do jump over to your blog every now and then to check out what is new in your world...
    Thanks everyone for coming over here from Swap bot.

  7. Hi Karen,
    I picked up some tiles from Craigslist and made coasters for Christmas. I used scrapbook paper on some and made music coasters. I printed pictures of family members and put them on the coasters too. I used modge podge on the tile, then mod podged the top as well. Then after they were dry, I sprayed with a clear coat spray. I glued felt on the bottom of them.