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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Full Mailbox

I finally got my Beauty Army Box and Ipsy Box.  Loved everything I received. 

Beauty Army


I haven't tried this sample of serum and moisturizer from Enspri skincare yet. Lately I have been using what my hairstylist has recommended for my hair. Am thinking I will give it a try over the weekend. 

This is from Whip Hand Cosmetics in the camo collection eyeshadow it is beige colored shade in the camo collection.  It is called air force.  It's a tiny sample so I poured it into a round clear container so I could use my eyeshadow brush. Love shades like this very much.

I got several more items but these were the ones I was impressed with the most.

Ipsy Bag

This was my first month and they went with Super Star theme.  I loved my bag especially.  Who doesn't need a extra bag laying around?  I plan on using my in my suitcase for when I go see Mr. C in Wheeler Texas every other week.  It's a perfect size for a dab of make up. 

Love Love this hair spray and already use it.  This is awesome to take on my trips with me!

Isn't this a cool shade of nailpolish? It will be perfect for Valentine's Day! It's nailtini brand.

Getting these samples was so much fun! I am so glad I found them.  Am thinking my bonus daughter would love a box of Ipsy every month.  I am going to talk to her dad and see if he will do this for her! 
If you haven't tried out a sample box I urge you to give one of these a try. Beauty Army you get to choose your samples.  I like that very much.  Although I like the element of the surprise in the Ipsy bag.  Don't tell anyone but I did take a sneak peak.
Have a great day!!