Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Beginnings

I have decided that I wanted to try new brands of make~up. What better way than doing a monthly subscription box. Several years ago I ordered a box and wasn't very pleased with it. I noticed it wasn't around anymore. So anyways I am getting boxes from Beauty Army, Ipsy, The Cotten bunny.  When I get them in I will post a mini review and take photo's..(hopefully). I love getting samples but tend not to use them.  On the other hand I don't want to spend full price for make~up and realize I don't like it.  Since I bought these samples I am going to make it a priority to use them everyday.

I am also keeping watch over my finances better. I do not keep track of what I spend on a daily basis. All my bills come directly out of my account except for a small loan. I never know what I have in my personal account ever. Although I do know what we have in the main household account, Mr.C and I sit down every two weeks and go over our budget and such.  I also know what's in his wallet as well.  That's bad on my part.  So I am trying really hard to record ALL my spending. Wish me luck!


  1. Your header is what Ukraine looks like right now. Good thinking on the makeup. I posted a comment below too. Pretty colors on your blog, Karen.

  2. Hello! Maybe you can try to find makeup review bloggers who are keen to share products with you. I've read about group of bloggers sharing (through mails) samples kit or store bought products, so that they don't have to spend a lot to do reviews.

    Good luck ! (๑・◡・๑)

    jellyrabby (swapbot)