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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creative weekend

It has been a good couple of days.  Trevor and I made Oreo bon bons a few nights ago.  He had asked me if I knew how to make them and I told him to get the recipe and we would give it a whirl.  So he looked up the recipe and did each of the steps himself, although he made me stay in kitchen with him.  He did have me roll them in the chocolate and clean up the mess. He didn't want the melted chocolate all over him.  That is a 14 year old boy for you!  They turned out really good and I do believe he has ate most of them.  I asked him where he had heard about them and he finally told me school.  For Valentines they were selling 12 of them for $5.00 and he forgot to order them. 

Last night he and I played dominoes.  Here's the kicker on that one.  I have no ideal on how to play he was talking me thru it and then he said he won the game.  How would I even know the difference?  I wouldn't that is for sure! We had fun and that is all that matters.  Him spending time with me is a blessing! 

Have ya'll seen the cute onesie cupcakes everyone is making? They are super cute and easy to make.  I made a set for Tara's baby shower this Saturday.  These are not the ones I made just so you know!  One of these days I am going to get my computer fixed and be able to upload my pictures I have taken.
To make these I took a baby onesie and made it long and skinny and then rolled up a single baby sock and put it at the end of the onesie and then started rolling them up real tight.  Easy Peasy! 

I totally got my car stuck in the yard yesterday morning before the snow blizzard even hit. It was raining hard and I parked in front yard knowing better.  Uugh.  Sure was glad Luther left me the keys to his big ole truck or I would have been on foot till he gets home Thursday night. Anyways a good customer of ours came in the store this morning and I was talking about getting stuck and he and his wife are going to come over and get me unstuck.  Lesson learned from now on I will just park under carport or in driveway instead of driving up to the front door or back door as I normally do every single day.

Make up brush holder with rocks

I made a couple similar to this one.  One I put in a small container with a jeweled dragonfly on it for me.  Then made Alisha one in a small clear container I picked up from Michael's.  They were fast and easy to make!

It has been a fun and productive couple of days!  I am so blessed with my wonderful life I have!  Everyone have a great day and thanks for stopping by and seeing me!