Saturday, April 20, 2013

Footloose Prom Night 2013

Prom Night 2013
Jessica Ross and Aaron Grigsby
Aaron and Jessica had a great time at the Bray~Doyle Prom.  The theme was "FOOTLOOSE'.  The kids had decorated the building up super cute.  Aaron had to have camouflage vest and tie.  If I would have allowed it he would have wore a hunting vest or something similiar. Aaron is such a country boy!
After Prom they went back to the school gym and had the after prom party. Once in you can't leave till 5am.  All thru the night Aaron kept texting me and calling.  So Saturday morning I felt like I had been up all night long..made me! 

Photo: Aaron Prom 2013
We went to the park before prom to take a few photo's.

Photo: EssicaAaron and J
 They are so happy here!  Aaron never smiles in photo's..We forgot to put on corsage..silly us!

Am so glad they had a good evening and night.  I am so proud of my middle son!

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