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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting ready for Prom

Oh my  goodness! I have been trying to get Aaron's date ready for his prom April 19th and her prom April 26th.  We bought her dress for her prom and it's dark blue with a black overlay on it and way short.  Looks more like a dress for a Christmas dance.  We even found black heels on sale! SCORE! Shopping with a girl is way different than shopping for boys!
For Aaron's prom he is wearing a tux with camouflage vest and tie.  I bought her a cream colored prom dress to wear. Now must find another pair of shoes.. I still need to go buy Aaron a pair of square toe black cowboy boots to wear with his tux.
Here is a picture of a corsage I would like to make for Jessica.  It won't be exactly like this one but similar.

I think this is a super cute corsage. I really like all the bling bling and such in this one. I have bought all supplies to make it already.  Helps that I work at the flower shop!

Wish me luck on getting everything done!!