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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Welcome December!!

My son Blake on his 22nd birthday! Can you believe it is already December? How many of ya'll are done with Christmas shopping? Not me not even a little close! The more I check my list the longer it grows! Goodness! I told my bonus daughter last night that I may start being like her dad and just forget Christmas comes in December and she said "oh no! please don't do that!" lol I enjoy buying my loved ones gifts. I do agree with Mr. C. that it has became a commercialized holiday. I don't buy much for my boys but darn it I try to get them what they want or need! they always know I am getting them clothes, a hoodie and some ammo. Then the rest is just fun stuff they will use as all boys like flashlights, knives, gun cleaning kits and duct tape and gorilla glue and such that can go in their stockings.