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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Secret Sis Party

for several years I have been doing the Secret Sis at The Bailey Church. Several years ago Cherrie and I hosted it..well Cherrie did all the work. So last year I volunteered us to be host's again for 2013. I am trying to do all the work myself. Which I don't mind but wow it takes a lot of thought process. Thank goodness for Tammie and the flower shop. I will borrow decorations and such from her. So that will help a lot! I am so excited about it but need to get busy and finish buying my secret sis her gifts! We are just going to do finger foods this year. I will pick up a meat & cheese tray and a veggie tray as well. I do want to make pinwheels and a dessert. Although each year there is more than enough food. I need to sit down and get my list going on decorations, tablecloths, my food, and gifts...Oh goodness!! Well I am going to see if I can find some games to play so I can get them printed out!