Friday, May 2, 2014

Blue bout for Prom

Rush Springs Prom is May 10th. I made Alisha and her date their wrislet and bout. I like the way they turned out. I made his pretty funky and I know NO one else will have a bout like his. I am pretty sure that Alisha's wristlet will be unique as well. Although I have had 2 other mom's want me to make their daughter's wristlet similiar to Alisha's. They wil be different colors so not the same. I so enjoy making thses wristlet's and bouts. But after making 150 of them it tends to frazzle my mind on how to do each one different. I try very hard to please each girl and sometimes no matter what you can't please the moma (even if the girl is happy with the wristlet.) That is just part of human nature I do believe. Have a awesome day everyone! Please let me know if you like the wristlet's and bout's I am making. I love to hear comments from you all!!!

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