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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cleaning my craft room

So last night I deceided to start cleaning out my craft room. Was going to take EVERYTHING to goodwill except for a few craft supplies I use all the time. I am talking to my brother Stacy and says have a garage sale and make some money. We set a date for 2 weeks out and we will have it at his house in Newcastle Oklahoma. I worked on the room last night for 2 hours and didn't make a dent in the clutter at all!! But I have a goal in mind and I am determined to reach it in two weeks. This week is very busy with Aaron graduating so I won't spend much time home. Yesterday I went down to Oh la la which Becky repurposes furniture and always does a great job. I found a cabinet/bookcase piece and will put my craft items in it nicely. Saying that...I won't be able to keep too much clutter using this one item. But I do think it will help me make up my mind on the most important items to keep. I was so surprised at all the new items I came across as I working in that room last night. I guess I had bought items for Christmas or Birthdays and never gave them out. So am putting them in garage sale as well. I have a few big pieces of furniture I want to get rid of as well. I do not plan on posting before pictures because I am so embarrassed of that room. It has been a burden on my shoulders for a long time. Will be so relieved when it is clutter free once again. Wish me luck!