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Monday, May 29, 2017

Fishing time!!

Time to go fishing!!  We cleaned our fishing pools and cleaned out our tackle boxes.  I have a pink and purple tackle box.  Most of my fishing tackle is pink and purple.  My rod is pink and purple as well. 

I have had this tackle box for probably 13 years if not longer.  Mr. C. bought it for me from Bass Pro Shop in Oklahoma City.  I have bought a lot of tackle from several places but mostly at Bass Pro shop.  I normally bought when it was on sale or clearance. 

Most of my used items we put in Mr. C's tackle box.  I want mine to look beautiful. .lol
I need to start buying some more cute tackle for my box.  I haven't looked for fishing stuff in several years.  I know there is probably some new and improved items that I must get for my next fishing trip. 

One of our main problems is finding a private lake around and getting permission to fish it.  I need to buy our fishing licensees and lake permits.  Then we should be good to go.  I also will need to buy us a couple of new outdoor chairs. 

Have you been fishing?  I find that it is peaceful and I like being so near nature.