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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Outgoing letter

I had got out of writing for a while.  So have jumped back in with both feet. Have found a fun Facebook pen pal site..  PenpalsRus   I have been doing tags and wishes and have received several new pen pals.   Plus I have been writing letters to several ladies that have been waiting patiently for MANY months.  It feels good to get happy mail once again.  I have both my home address and a PO Box that I use.  Seems like I need to get back to using my po box just so its not so empty.  I am sure my pen pals get confused as I do when I put different addresses on my outgoing mail.  I have had this PO Box for 17 years.  I probably should give it up but after all these years I feel like its mine.  lol

I do not normally write letters like the one above but wanted to try something different.  This is for a new pen pal hope she likes what I did for her.