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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Snail Mail

Here's a few outgoing letters.  I made the envelopes out of a old calendar that I had at home.  I really do like making my envelopes.  I love how colorful they are and hope they put a smile on the receiver's face.  I do not always use homemade envelopes but lately have  been on most outgoing mail.
I believe that adding a little extra touch is well worth the time I invest in making the envelopes.  This week I have gained 2 new pals.  One lady wants to understand what embellishment's can be.  So am trying to round up several items to send out in the first letter to her. 
Last weekend I bought several different project lifecards.  I have been using them in my journals a lot.  Plus have sent out several to my current penpals. 
Happy mail is what I look forward to every week.  This week I have only received one letter.  Which I have already wrote and got sent off this morning.  So I am going to write a letter this evening to a pal that is long overdue.  I am determined to get caught up on my mail pile.

How was your happy mail week?  Are you behind on your pen pal letters?