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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hospital stay

Mr. C has been in hospital since Friday. The ct scan shows a 7x4x0 cm mass on his right lung. They have us in a private room and have isolated him. We are waiting on a pulmonary specialist.  He has never been in the hospital and this is freaking him out big time. It is a huge waiting game and its confusing to him. Sure hope we will hear more about test results and such Monday. Keep us in your thoughts...
I have been getting caught up with pen pal letters. So far I have wrote 3 (which I thought was great). Also I have working in my slow cooker journal. Writing down recipes is calming and keeps me busy.  The hard part will come later when I am decorating it. Wish I had brought my stepford wife journal thatI am working on for a swap. Actually I am working on 2 of them, one is for a private swap. So excited about doing these swaps.