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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Goals

Last year I created a list of goals and things I wanted to do.  Some I did and most of them I did not.  So why not make a short list of goals that will be easy to accomplish?

I want to read at least 3 non fiction books this year.  I do not like non fiction books at all.

To try a new wine each month.  I have never drank wine before this year.  I have already tried 2 different wines.  One was a  sweet white wine and then a chocolate wine.  I thought I would love the chocolate wine but didn't as it was too heavy in my mouth.


Try a new recipe at least twice a month.  Can't tell you how often I read cookbooks, will see several recipes I want to try but never seem to follow thru.  How many of ya are like that? Or is that just me?  I have been writing recipes in a composition book and tearing recipes out of magazines and pasting in my book to try. 

Finish two quilts I have started.  I have had them in a work of progress for way to long, I do believe it is time to get them done.

Finish a tote bag that is nearly completed.  It wouldn't take 30 minutes to complete it.  When I cut it out and put it together I really didn't like the color of the material I had used so I think that put me off on finishing it.  I know one of my nieces would love to have it once it was sewed up. 

Make a couple of mug rugs! How many times am I going to mention mug rugs in this blog? Probably till I actually get one made.  I so thought about it this weekend but had a full weekend planned.

Visit 2 local wineries   Oklahoma has several wineries within 2 hours from me.  I think that would be something fun to do with a few girlfriends. In fact I already have two that want to go with me. 


This photo is from Redbud Ridge Vineyard & Winery in Norman Oklahoma.  This is close to my house and will be the first one I will go visit.

I know I can achieve all these goals fairly fast. 

So hope everyone had a awesome weekend!  Mine was great!