Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saving Money

So I don't usually get my bank statement and check it out or even balance my account.  I know how much I have and just roll with it.  Well today is a new day and I deceided to write down my personal monthly bills and when they come out of account.  Boy Oh Boy was I shocked.  Now remember this is my personal account NOT our household or Mr. C's account.  Which is a blessing because my way would drive Mr. C. crazy.  He knows to the penny how much is in his accounts.  He also is the one who does our household finances for each month.  That is how I like it and it works for us.  Yes every two weeks we sat down at the dining room table and discuss the bills as he writes the checks for them.  I don't write checks as I have everything come out of my account automatically each month.  So you see we have very different ideals in how to handle our bills. 
  Anyways I am paying on five small insurance premiums.  So I deceided I didn't need that many so I cancelled 2 of them today. Which will save me $26.80 a month or looking at it for a year that savings is $312.60!  I am going to cancel another one of the small insurance premiums that runs me $56.40 a month. That savings over a year will be $676.80.  Then I called T~Mobile and cancelled a phone line that wasn't in use as well as internet on a phone line that is hardly ever used.  Thus saving $40.00 a month.  I really wanted to cancel two of the phone lines but I couldn't unless I wanted to pay $200.00 termination fee.  So these few small savings is adding up to $123.20 a month! Over the course of the year that is a whopping $1478.40 a year!! This is just from looking at finding a few places I could cut corners.  Am I done with looking? No not at all!  I may cause a small war at our house but am fixing to cut down on our dish network bill as well! Am going to try to bring it down from $103.25 a month to around $90.00 or less. 
  Now back to the insurance topic I wasn't even sure what I was actually paying for I knew I needed to drop Trevor's accidental policy as he has a better policy now.  I knew I was paying for accidental policy for me that was small then I had a policy that was $30.00 a month, had no clue what that was for.  When I called she was telling me (because that was the one I wanted to cancel) it was accidental as well as sickness.  I had just went to the emergency room June 19th and that I would get a small check for that.  What? I couldn't believe it!  Okay so let me insert here I am totally ignorant on insurance policys and such.  So when I fax in the paper work from the ER room I will get a few dollars from that!  The insurance lady also told me she would send out papers for me to fill out on Trevor's policy and I might qualify for a small rebate on his policy.  Which says to me that if you take some time looking over bills or calling and talking to someone you might end up with some extra money in your pocket.  It sure made me a believer today. What are you waiting for go get some bills out and double check them and line your pockets with some of your own hard earned cash!
I hope I haven't bored you to tears today!  I am super excited about saving some money and it was painless!


  1. I need to do this too. But I don't think I can really cut anything back.


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  2. Those are some great tips about the insurance policies! I never really think about it, but calling the actual company does usually set most things straight instead of trying to figure out EVERYTHING for myself! Haha.


  3. I was offered the same insurance policy thing, the accidental one. I declined it, because I didn't have that many accidents, and I didn't feel that the amount it paid would help cover my portion of my normal insurance.

    Then I had an incident with a trailer, and screwed up my leg. Had I been a sane person, I would have gone to the doctor, or the ER, and the accident insurance would have actually come in handy. Instead, I spent some time with ice, and lots of Advil.