Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Tuesday

I called my step~mom this morning and was going to drop by her flower shop with a few goodies I had picked up for her.  She wasn't at work so I called and she was at the local convience store getting a drink (her favorite is Pepsi).  So I meet up with her and gave her gifts to her, which really surpised her.  I had bought her a pair of black bling flip flops, a hot pink manicure set and a pink Tshirt with a religious saying on it that I knew she would like.  So here's the funny part I was wearing the exact flip flops and wearing the same colored shirt but different saying on it...lol!! I made sure she knew I didn't get matching Tshirts which she wouldn't have minded. 

I had picked up Mr. C's gift for Father's Day this weekend.  I will have it at home when he gets in late Thursday night.  I bought him a lime green pail ( to use when he washes him truck) then I bought him tire cleaner, engine cleaner, window cleaner and towels and a mitt and car freshner and a few other odd and ends.  He will be mad at me for getting him something for Father's Day but he will get over it when I tell him its from Brody and Alisha and I. 

Tonight I have plans on going home and cleaning on the master bedroom.  It so needs it really bad.  I am wanting to redo our bedroom all the way from wall decor to bedding to accessories.  Do any of you have any good ideals?  I have been looking on ebay and such for something that catches my eye.

Guess I need to get off computer and get something accomplished.

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  1. Found this from the follow me swap. I always seem to be wearing the same outfit as the person I meet up with. So funny! -nicholes