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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sent Mail

Today I made it to the post office and sent off alot of mail.  I sent 4 postcrossing postcards off, 2 packages of friendship books and label bags,  a swap for swap bot, and a book to a swap bot friend.  I bought  quite a bit of different stamps with the cents printed on them. I have gotten some old unused stamps that I am fixing to use on my outgoing mail.
I am going to get caught up with my pen pal letters this coming weekend. I think I have about 4 letters to get caught up on.  I need to finish up on getting friendship books and label bags sent off to new homes. Does anyone have tips on how to keep fb's and lb's organized?  I am slowly getting a few regular swappers and so I need to figure out how to sort them and not send them the same ones they have already signed.  I am sure I will get it all figured out at some point.

Something Green N&N FBs       N&N FB Challenge:  I and J  These are images from ghostlysun 79's flickr photos. I so love these friendship books! I need to learn how to be more creative when I make them!! Her's is like minature art.

I am looking for a couple more pen pals..If you would like to become a pal let me know.

Have a wonderful day!!