Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting behnd on pen pal letters.

Oh my goodness I am So far behind on my pen pal letters.  I don't know why I get behind but I have.  Today I am writing a long letter to Shannon, my last one to her was 10 pages long..  Am pretty sure that won't happen this time but it will be long.  Of course you have to factor in my huge handwriting as well.  Which my eyes are getting worse as we  Getting older isn't much fun when your eyes were bad anyways.  I love writing letters and so enjoy getting fun mail so therefor I need to keep up or at least try to keep up with incoming mail. 
I sent out today 4 items for swap bot, 4 items for, 7 envies of friendship books, 1 package for my secret sis at church, and a package for my pen pal Debbie. I also sent my brother Lonnie a letter and also a Halloween card.  So he will get 2 pieces of mail this week from me.
Wish my envelopes was this pretty. Although I did try to decorate most of my outgoing mail but missed a few envelopes especially the big brown envelopes I sent to my secret sis and Debbie.  My bad!

What's for dinner tonight?  Does anyone have any ideals for me?  I never cook hamburger helper but am really considering it tonight.  I am tired and its only 3pm.  Will pull up in drive in at 6 pm if not later if I go to grocery store.  So that doesn't leave much time for cooking and cleaning and laundry.  I also need to get some friendship books and label bags moving. 
I have been working more the last couple of weeks at flower shop.  So I am sure that is why I am getting behind on everything.  Normally the week Mr. C. is home I work on all of my fun mail.  The week he is at work I work a few days as well.

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