Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a stress free day as we did our Thanksgiving yesterday! So today it will be lots of good food left from yesterday or maybe after 3pm a good ole cheeseburger from Sonic! We hang out at home all day just being couch potatoes. Mr. C. leaves this evening for his week at work.. Tammie and Mildred and I are going SHOPPING! Yes that is right I haven't been shopping on Black Friday in many years. They pick me up around 5:20 pm and our first stop is Wal-Mart in Chickasha, Oklahoma. We ended up with 3 total full carts of gifts. Then we went to Stage and Goodies. Yes finding good deals or steals at each store. Then finally we are on out way to Sooner Mall in Norman, Oklahoma. Wow lots of people and great gifts really reasonable! We had a great time! I got home at 4:00 am! Talk about sore feet and being bone tired...yep that would be me! I feel good about the gifts I bought! I still have many to get but have my boys nearly done! I still need to get Blake a pair of Cinch Jeans. I also need to buy more ammo for them as well. I am so excited for Christmas to be here!!

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