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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pen Pal letters!

Many of you know I love writing letters! I have several steady pen pals and many that write as time lets them..(kinda like me!). This past year I tried out a new system with my pen pals and it didn't work out at all for me. So this year I have gone back to the system that was fool proof. I took a composition notebook and since I am starting it out new I put the pen pals address that I am sending to on one I will have it handy. I take a page and put the date on it for received and sent letters. One page may have a week's worth of mail on it. I use the back of the sent/received page and list any swap bot swaps I am in and the address for my partners. When I get a letter in I put it in notebook and log it right then. I do not take out the letter till I have wrote the person back. So simple but yet works for me. Last year I just didn't feel like writing and I put the blame on not being organized as well as having a bit of depression going on. One of my goals this year is to write my pen pals in a timely manner. I also am trying to catch up with pen pal letters that I haven't responded to yet. I sent out eight letters today! Two of which was short letters but the others I put time and effort into writing them. Sometimes I do believe it would be faster to do a form letter to catch everyone up but I can't seem to bring myself to do that quite yet. I have several ladies who write extremely long letters. I love them because its as if I am visiting with a dear friend. But then when it comes to me writing them back I feel like I am not as interesting as them. Do any of you agree with me on this? Surely I am not the only one feeling inadequate. If you ever get behind how do you try to get caught up? I love getting pen pal letters! I don't care what they write the letter on as long as I can read it. I have a couple of pals I have a hard time reading their writing but have always figured it out sooner or later. What are you waiting on go get a sheet of paper and write a random letter today!