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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Aunt Ginger 2014

This was taken driving thru Dallas Texas.. Aunt Kathy and I went to see Aunt Ginger and Uncle David.  We had a nice relaxing time. 

When we came home on Sunday we ran into a nice rain storm.  Was totally glad Aunt Kathy was doing the driving!! Going down to Houston Tx and coming home I was so surprised that we didn't have crazy traffic.  That made the trip so much better for us.  You know how small town drivers can be? Right?!?  I tend to think I  OWN all the road which I know isn't the truth.  Poor Luther gets in the car with me and holds on for dear life, he says I get behind the wheel of a car and turn into John Force racing team!! He is such a comedian sometimes.  I can't help that I tend to have a lead foot with a destination in mind when  I get in the car! LOL 

We were at Aunt Ginger's from June 19th thru June 22nd.  Again I have to say it was a great visit with her.  I always feel blessed to spend time with her.